• Wu Wisdom



    Designer Jason Wu has just about become a household name thanks to his good fortune to count first lady Michelle Obama as one of his devotees.

    But the young designer has proven his mettle with collections that are understated and unabashedly feminine–a perfect example of our Just Like a Woman fall trend.

    Wu recently talked about his views on jewelry, and what he thinks complements Wu wearers best: “I’m not a necklace person—a bare neck and clavicle is so elegant. But a big, brash bracelet is exciting.”

    His general rule of thumb: “The more elaborate the piece of jewelry, the simpler a dress should be, for a stunning contrast.”

    And not only should an elaborate piece of jewelry be given room to shine, it should not have to compete with other jewels: “When it comes to jewelry, make a statement, but I’d say resist the urge to pile on a lot of pieces.”

    Wu also explained that runway looks do not equate with reality: “No matter what anyone tells you, a fashion show has to be bigger than life. But you can scale it back for everyday.

    “While we showed a sequined sarong and a chunky mohair sweater under a plaid coat with a big necklace, you don’t need all that. Pair one or two pieces with what you already own.”

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