Transitions: How to Take Your Summer Favorites into Fall

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While it may still seem steamy outside, inside our heads we’re beginning to think about fall. In some areas of the country remain hyper-hot; other regions already are experiencing a bit cooler both day and night. How to look smart stepping from summer into early fall?
What’s a girl to do?

Take your summer favorites and turn them into fall stars. Look at your lacy summer whites and pair them with chic, sophisticated, black. Take some cues from the runway and pair bright color or block colors with a fall neutral– khaki, camel or denim. Pair summer weight cotton, with a weightier fabric, such as summer suede, a look adopted by many designers. A perfect pairing heading into fall. Look for dark colored apparel pieces that will go right into fall–navy, khaki, olive and deep, rich tones like jade, magenta, hunter green–that look great paired with white or beige.

Ground summer looks with fall-leaning jewelry. Look for new designer pieces to collect: necklaces, rings, earrings and brooches containing earth tone gem stones, such as rich turquoise, citrine, carnelian, onyx, Whitby jet and colored quartzes. Add pendants to layer over blouses and sweaters, collar necklaces to enhance open necklines, drop and stud earrings and bracelets to accent three quarter length sleeves.

White Lace with Black

Give an edge to Victorian-inspired white lace by pairing it with black for fall. Add a black blazer or a pullover sweater and black footwear– gladiator-inspired or head into fall looks. That’s exactly how Louis Vuitton showed lace and white in the runway image above.

Color Block with Denim

You’re a fan of spring’s artful color blocked style and have pieces in your wardrobe to prove it? Take your favorite look into fall with a pop of denim blue. Add a denim skirt or shorts and your spring summer favorite becomes a fall star. (Jill Sander showed the look on the runway, right.)

Suede with White

Take your favorite suede top–a key spring/summer look for almost every designer–and pair it with a midi-length summer white skirt or pants. We love classic navy blue, which looks very-of-the-moment and goes straight into fall as a headline look.

Black and white transition look from Altuzzara (above left)