The Gentleman’s Guide to Gifting: Pearls

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Whoever singled out diamonds as a girl’s best friend obviously hasn’t seen the latest crop of pearl jewelry. A simple strand of pearl has always been a classic look for women, but the latest styles tend to be more manipulated—combined with other gems, chain, beads etc. for a more dramatic look. The younger and fresher looking the pearl jewelry, the more a woman is likely to enjoy them. They don’t want pearls like grandma had. They want pearls like Emma Watson, Michelle Obama or Sarah Jessica Parker.

White pearls are best known but cultured pearls can come in a rainbow of colors, suitable for all kinds of complexions and hair color. In fact, pearls have a cosmetic quality when next to the skin. Their luster enhanced by the reflection.

Jackie Kennedy famously said: “Pearls are always appropriate.” Hence they make ideal gifts since they are always in style.

The following are some of the most accessible types of pearl, each with characteristics that deserve a second, or even a third look.

Rajola Freshwater Pearl 360 stud earrings

Freshwater pearls have had resurgence in popularity due to their lower prices and beautiful appearance. Grown similarly as oysters in saltwater, freshwater pearls are created inside a freshwater mussel. Freshwater pearls are quite versatile since they come in a range of the same colors as more expensive pearls and often in baroque (irregular) forms.

Elena Kriegner South Sea Pearl Studs

South Sea pearls usually are the largest specimens and the rarest. The oysters that produce them face a tough life so that those which survive produce some of the finest in the world, commanding some of the highest prices for the best quality. South Sea pearls typically come in white, silver and gold.

Denoir Akoya Pearl Earrings

Akoya pearls are usually cultured in Japan and are known to be among the most lustrous of any pearl. These pearls are usually white or cream and often have yellow, pink or blue hues. Some even have a pinkish overtone. The top quality Akoyas have a clean surface and are thicker than others.

JinYong Black Tahitian Pearl Ring

The Black Tahitian pearl is produced by a specific oyster found in French Polynesia. Only an estimated one in 10,000 oysters contains a natural Black Tahitian. Actually, most of these Tahitian pearls aren’t pure, deep black; instead they are found in light silver, gray, yellow bronze, green with pink overtones and peacock.

Pearls are fascinating since they are produced by living creatures. For more in-depth look at pearls and details about taking care of them, visit Cultured Pearl Association of America.

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