Tennis Anyone?

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As an avid tennis enthusiast like many others, I watched Wimbledon intently and in particular the women’s finals with champion, Serena Williams, and her worthy, young competitor, Spaniard, Gabine Muguruza. In addition to offering superb, world class tennis, both competitors wore eye-catching jewelry, in particular delicate karat gold necklaces, Serena’s, a diamond circlet on a choker length chain, Gabine, a double strand gold chain style.

Perhaps, this is the start of a new trend, the tennis necklace, which plays into the athletic attire that many women are wearing as their primary off hours look, or at least once a week. During the 1987 U.S. Open tennis play star Chris Evert‘s diamond infinity bracelet fell off in the middle of play. The match was halted by officials while they sought the bracelet, drawing worldwide attention to the look, thus the diamond and later the CZ tennis bracelet quickly became a hot fashion look worn by young and old, athletic or not. It seems likely that the time is right for a new tennis or sport necklace and the delicate short gold necklace seems the likely successor.

This mix of graceful athleticism and power is a winning combination, one which many women, the world over are emulating. You may be a sit on the sidelines soccer player, are inclined to yoga or just wearing trendy yoga wear, like Lululemon, but if you’re a woman in the know, you’re likely sporting athletic or athletic inspired apparel from 9 to 5 on weekends. And what you’re likely looking for is a delicate karat gold or sterling silver necklace that says you’re in style, no matter what look you’re wearing.

Perhaps you’re mixing with great sport style footwear, from brands like Nike, Adidas and others with a great tee shirt, a short tennis length skirt and a functional backpack. If so, you’re in style. That was a look worn by both models and the fashion press throughout the spring 2015 runway shows in New York and in in Europe.

Either way, create your own individual sport style for the grand slam.

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