Gentleman’s Guide to Gifting: Valentine’s

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Valentine's Day at Jewelista

The big day: Sunday, February 14 is fast approaching. And while that date and the romantic notions surrounding it may not always be top of mind to men, believe us when we tell you women—especially jewelry lovers, our Jewelistas—have been thinking about what sentimental gift you might give them this year.

Whether your sweetheart is your Mrs., fiancé, girlfriend, daughter or mother, fine jewelry ranks among the most desired for a Valentine’s Gift. In 2015, the National Retail Federation, the largest retailer trade group, conducted a study of consumers. One in five (21.1%) planned to buy jewelry for a total of $4.8 billion, the highest amount seen since NRF began tracking spending on Valentine’s gifts in 2010. That figure is expected to be slightly up this year.

So while you and your pals are mulling over the matchup in Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, we’ve put together a quick guide to what’s hip in jewelry for 2016.

Veto Heart Studs at

1. Hearts, the proverbial symbol of Valentine’s, is a logical choice. However, unless the recipient is sweet sixteen, a traditional heart pendant may be a little too girlish for a mature woman. Instead look for a modern twist on the heart. For instance, Swiss-designer Veto presents these stainless steel hearts with a slightly asymmetrical look. They come in rose and yellow gold plate as well as white, all resemble fine gold but affordable and appropriate for any age range. A combination brush/polished finish gives them added dimension. Even better, these small stud earrings are on trend, too, as you will see later.

Veto $97

2. Stud Earrings

The trends in earrings for 2016 tend to fall into two directions: large and airy, and small studs. It follows the trend of 1970s-era influence
in fashion from the runways and red carpet. Stud earrings are comfortable, delicate and appropriate for day and evening wear. Since she is your star, we’re going to direct you to Jewelista’s in-house jewelry collection, Starlight. Although these Starlight studs are diminutive they stand out.

“The inner points of the starlight motif hold the diamond in place and the knife-edged effect serves as the setting… but it’s also the backdrop to highlight the brilliance of the diamond focal point,” says Jewelista designer Karla.

The 14K gold and diamond earrings also answer the trends toward vintage styles. They are on trend but their retro-inspiration also makes them classics, studs whose sparkle are going to make her shine.

Starlight from Jewelista $375

Starlight Cushion Stud Earrings

3. Layering is another big trend in jewelry this year. Basically the smaller-scale

pieces are worn in multiples, such as pendant necklaces, bracelets even stack rings. When Jewelista was creating the new in-house jewelry collections, one of the chief concerns was to c
reate pieces that could be mixed and matched, allowing the wearer to create her own look. Just about all the pieces in the Jewelista collection can conveniently be worn together. (Or alone too). If she likes pendants, take a look at the simple lunar-inspired Moonlight collection. This pendant in 14K gold uses sleek Silver mist diamonds surrounded by a black rhodium plate to add its mystery.

Mini Full Moon Concave Diamond Pendant Necklace $795

Marquise Chain Bracelet

Similar to the look achieved by combining pendants for a layered look, the same feeling can be mirrored on the wrist—by adding multiple bracelets.

Diamond Marquise Chain Bracelet   $770

6. Pale color—soft, feminine pastels are a key look for spring. Fortunately, Brazilian jeweler Vianna is a specialist in creating maximum brilliance in its gemstones. Adding drama and a lovely purple shade of amethyst, these 18K gold amethyst diamond earrings have an added extra: diamond accents on each of the prongs that hold the gemstone. While our favorite this spring is amethyst, Vianna has a rainbow of gemstones at its disposal.


Vianna drop earrings $995

Vianna 18K Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings

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