Editor’s Pick: Triple Charm

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It’s hard to believe that January is already half over and we haven’t celebrated this month’s beautiful birthstone, garnet. Believed to signify faith, loyalty, truth and devotion this stone is often considered the stone of commitment; perfect for those resolutions you’ve promised to yourself this year.

Triple Charm makes a loyal follower out of me with these sterling silver drop earrings featuring garnet and black pearls. Inspired by the uneven surface of the moon, the texture of these earrings is a contradiction of glossy and matte. Each handmade pair is also finished with e-coat lacquer, a special mixture of organic resin and deionized water that is bonded to each piece using electrical currents in order to prevent tarnishing for years to come.

With the new year comes new challenges and goals. Garnet is the the prettiest reminder of why we started in the first place.

To learn more about these earrings click here, to discover the Thai based brand they come from and why nature is so important to them, read here.

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