Editor’s Pick: Maureen Lynch

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maureen lynch perfume bottles

For the person on your holiday list who has absolutely everything, a fresh gift idea from Maureen Lynch.

Everyone has that one person who is exceptionally hard to shop for at this time of year. For me, it’s my sister. The instant she finds something she loves, she buys it, leaving very few gift options for the rest of us. This year I’ve finally found something that she definitely hasn’t thought of but is destined to love.

Maureen Lynch’s modern perfume bottle necklaces, made from gleaming sterling silver and yellow gold, are designed to keep you not just looking great but smelling lovely as well. Tucked inside each pendant is a swatch of linen intended to be spritzed with an enviable aroma in order to emanate from the small openings on the top throughout the day.

Pair them with the season’s most coveted scents and you have a considered and coordinated gift for the person who thought they had it all.

To discover more by Maureen Lynch and learn how a motorbike accident taught this designer the value of simplicity, read here. Also look for these in our largest Black Friday sale ever, this November 28th.


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