Exhibition: Fairy Tales Do Come True

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Hey There Little Red Riding Hood: Cape, late 18th century. The familiar scarlet cloak with an attached hood seems to have been modeled after a style favored by English countrywomen during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Once upon a time there were some beautiful girls named Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, Rapunzel, Dorothy, Sleeping Beauty etc. who charmed their way into our hearts and folklore with fables that continue to mesmerize us. The fables based upon these women’s stories not only have filtered into our collective psyche but have acted as inspirations.

Jewelista Hall of Fame: Jacqueline de Ribes

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Jacqueline de Ribes by Richard Avedon, 1962 “A great beauty in the classic European tradition, with her oval face, smooth dark hair, and marvelous elongated neck, the Vicomtesse Jacqueline de Ribes adds to all this some famously ornamental characateristics of her own. Her high cheekbones and long, tilted greenish eyes give her a mysterious, exotic look—accentuated by her dramatic eye makeup and the big jewelry she favors, often Oriental in feeling. Her figure is what the French admiringly call a “silhouette de mannequin”—tall, slender, lithe,” said Vogue about Jacqu

Tennis Anyone?

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As an avid tennis enthusiast like many others, I watched Wimbledon intently and in particular the women’s finals with champion, Serena Williams, and her worthy, young competitor, Spaniard, Gabine Muguruza. In addition to offering superb, world class tennis, both competitors wore eye-catching jewelry, in particular delicate karat gold necklaces, Serena’s, a diamond circlet on a choker length chain, Gabine, a double strand gold chain style. Perhaps, this is the start of a new trend, the tennis necklace, which plays into the athletic attire that many women are wearing as their

Couture Chic Fall 2015

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It’s the icing on the fashion cake, the Haute Couture, a chance to show the world the craftsmanship of the atelier and the design elite. And the fashion extravaganza is increasingly watched and attended not only by runway walking celebrities – Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne More & Lupita Nyong’o – but as well  a cadre of young, international women of note, who value the fine craftsmanship, elegance and individuality of the couture, rarified looks with a sense of fantasy and fashion. The Paris Haute Couture shows are, literally, a tour de force, taking

Celebrating Small Town American Style

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If you’re in your element in a small town and like to get to know a place and its people intimately, then a getaway to a good ole American town might be the perfect venue for a summer vacation.  The draw might be the food – New England clambake, Southern soul food, or lake trout – history – a museum or historical site or town – Charleston S.C., Mackinaw Island, Fredericksburg, Texas -perfect for a family gathering, an alfresco music festival – Newport Jazz, Grand Teton, Wolf Trap – or a combination thereof, all perfect reasons for a summer trip, now’s the time to plan a

Editor’s Pick: Caroline Ballou

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Inspired by the elegant lily pads that once held the attention of Claude Monet, the Giverny 18K gold, green pearl lariat necklace by Caroline Ballou is my pick of the week! Perfect for the warm months ahead, this graceful piece boasts smooth 18K yellow gold curves elevated further with a diamond pendant. Unique green pearls will pair perfectly with white dresses for the summer and can even take a basic (or not so basic) jeans and t-shirt outfit to the next level. In addition to her emphasis on the organic, Caroline infuses her fine jewelry with a cross-cultural ed