A Tropical Heat Wave of Style

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“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave…”

More and more , affluent consumers are heading to exotic locations on their getaways. According to a study released today by Virtuoso, the international travel agency, elite travelers hope to have fun in the sun in places such as French Polynesia, which has had a 91% increase in luxury travelers in one year.

Whether you’re in Bali, Boston or Bakersfield, the high heat of summer turns our thoughts to attire that reflects the tropics. Not to mention looks that look cool and keep us cool as well.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

All sorts of exotica are in full bloom: lush tropical flowers, oversized ferns and palm fronds in bold, bright almost 3D color as well as in contrasting white with blue or black. These are hot house flowers of another sort and not for shy retiring types. Start with the bold expression of French painter, Paul Gauguin and his lush panoramic French Polynesia paintings for inspiration, or go modern with photo realism flowers in almost neon brights. You get the picture, no?

Lush Florals

We love the look of lush florals and ferns paired with stripes, as see at Nicole Miller (pictured here), or with solids such as at Erdem and Marni. Designers were definitely thinking of vacations and travelogues for inspiration this summer. Either primitive or painterly, this bold expression of color is the perfect antidote to the blahs of midsummer. From easy cropped tops and flippy skirts to the casual elegance of Carolina Herrera’s draped front floral gown (see above), high summer is the time to flaunt all things tropical.

Pair these hot tropics with cool, pretty designer gemstone drop earringssapphire, blue quartz, pink tourmaline, red jade, and iridescent black pearls for statement-making rings or bracelets and you’re ready for summer days and evenings at the beach or at outdoor parties.

Nicole Miller