2016 List of Valentine’s Gifts

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Less than two weeks and counting and that list for Valentine’s Day is still growing. The women in your life deserve a tribute on February 14 more than any other day. This year, Jewelistas the world over thirst for a new bauble. Jewelista has assembled some suggestions into this gift guide from our online fine jewelry cache. (Remember Feb. 11 is the last day to shop with us and still get your gift shipped out by Feb. 13)


For the Mom: She’s devoted, loving and caring. She makes time for everyone else—seldom for herself. She’s special, so show it. Dazzle her with diamonds…it’s the least you could do!


For the Sweet 16: She’s truly a tween: in between being a little girl and growing up. She’s defining her style on her own. Help boost her confidence with a pair of classic stud earrings.


For College Coed: She’s left the nest in pursuit of an education. She’s making new friends, meeting new people, learnings new things. It’s about time she looks the part of the intellectual ambassador.


For First Job Applicant: She’s intent on being a career woman, the next generation’s Meg Whitman or Marissa Mayer. She not only has to be smart, but look smart too.

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For the Outdoorswoman: She is most at home in the great outdoors: hiking, skiing, jogging, etc. She may be difficult to keep up with, but she always manages to meet her fashion goal—or rather gold.


For the Jet-Setter: Up, up and away she goes hither and yon. A frantic schedule makes her opt for the practical in her travels and her wardrobe. Now’s the time to break the mold with something more rewarding then skymiles.


For the Artistic: She beats to a different drummer. She’s the muse of her own creativity. Her love of the arts is reflected in what she wears. Add a masterpiece to her jewelry collection.


For the Teacher: She can, she does and she’s indispensable. Her guidance has your loved ones walking down the right path. Stop her in her tracks with gemstones.


For the Best Friend: You can always count on her to laugh at your jokes or lend an ear in a time of crisis. She’s your rock. It’s time to rock her world with something really special.


For the Fashion Maven: She might as well be walking down a runway. She’s an American top model who knows she defines what makes a fashionista. Now make sure she’s a Jewelista as well.

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